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Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 GCAM vs stock camera compared


Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 GCAM vs stock camera compared

Xiaomi Redmi Note eight may be a budget smartphones with a 48-megapixel rear camera. whereas it will smart for its worth, you’ll get well results with Google Camera mod. Here may be a examine however GCAM mod stacks up against stock camera

In my review of Xiaomi Redmi Note eight, I known as it the smartphone to shop for for those that do not want a 64-megapixel camera. Since publication that review, I actually have counseled the smartphone to variety of individuals. whereas i am however to listen to feedback, there’s one more reason to shop for Redmi Note eight over its professional relative. With the launch of Vivo U20 and Realms 5s, the competition for best sub-Rs ten,000 has become wide open. whereas we’ll deliver the decision at a later stage, Xiaomi appears to possess a foothold for currently within the type of Google Camera.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 GCAM vs stock camera compared

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If you’re within the marketplace for a replacement smartphone then the deciding issue may well be camera. Most smartphones lately share close to identical specifications and finding an honest camera still remains troublesome. once Google launched its initial picture element smartphones in 2016, it created clear that camera software system is as necessary because the camera hardware. the ensuing launches haven’t solely created picture element the simplest smartphone camera however it’s software system – Google Camera – the simplest within the business. Since it is the software system from AN open supply OS, obtaining it on different devices is not troublesome.
Watch: Xiaomi Redmi Note eight Review

A number of freelance developers work inexhaustibly to mod Google Camera app for non-Pixel robot devices. I put in a bunch of them and located one that worked the simplest. The mod doesn’t enable to use all the four cameras on the Redmi Note eight. The portrait mode conjointly did not work similarly because it will on picture element smartphones. So, we tend to square measure primarily staring at the most camera performance in day light-weight and at the hours of darkness with Google Camera. compared with stock camera, it becomes clear that GCAM produces footage that square measure faithful supply and has higher dynamic vary. Here may be a examine however GCAM makes Redmi Note eight an excellent higher smartphone camera.

See camera specifications:

  • Quad-camera setup
  • Primary: 48MP sensing element 1/2-inch sensing element with 26mm-equivalent, f/1.8-aperture lens, PDAF (12MP output resolution)
  • Ultra-wide: 8MP 1/4-inch sensing element with 13mm-equivalent, f/2.2-aperture lens
  • Macro: 2MP 1/5-inch sensing element, f/2.4 lens for shut focus
  • Depth: 2MP 1/5-inch sensing element, f/2.4 lens for portrait effects

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8: GCAM vs Stock Camera

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8: GCAM vs Stock Camera
The Redmi Note eight contains a main camera with 48-megapixel Samsung GW1 sensing element. This 1/2-inch sensing element doesn’t provide the foremost correct color readout and camera software system tends to create the output punchier for social media generation. after you install the Google Camera mod, you may get pictures that square measure a lot of natural in daylight.

The examples below demonstrate however GCAM is in a position to soak up light-weight while not over compensating for dynamic vary or lack thence. one in all the items I ascertained is that the details preserved outside the middle space of a picture. Outdoors, the Google Camera has a lot of correct exposure than stock camera. it’s necessary to notice that stock camera isn’t dangerous, however there’s a legitimate thanks to click higher footage.



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